Hordes of alien tanks have flooded the streets, spreading chaos and terror, you’re the only one to save the world! Explore the world of the future tank battles in the brand new real-time strategy game. The year is 2152. The times of Proxy-wars, when autonomous tanks and robots, remotely controlled by pilots have been fighting each other on behalf of countries have finally ended.


Humanity is celebrating the anniversary of the Millennium Peace Pact (MPP): a special agreement between countries that forbids any wars. The world is governed by corporations on the bleeding edge of innovation and research. Military robotic vehicles and tanks have been returned back to their hangars, and conserved by RobX: the most powerful technology corporation, and the leader of military vehicle construction.


However, according to the MPP, RobX is still responsible for maintenance of the machines. Suddenly, an asteroid strike hits the planet. A week later, the tanks and machines, covered with an unknown organic substance go out of control, attacking cities and villages. Now, humanity's only hope is RobX, as the company is assigned by the international committee to handle the crisis.


You are one of the few remaining tank pilots, a veteran of the past wars and experienced soldier, assigned to the company service to give a hand to Talira Stone (charming CEO of RobX) taking care of the crisis using the RobX tanks remaining under your control. Destroy Mutars (how they’ve been named by media), set towns and cities free, and use the artificial intelligence K.O.R.B. in order to find what kind of organisms have taken over the RobX robotic tanks and who is mysterious Rogan, a sinister creature behind all of this.


VR Features

VR Features is an indie game development company founded in 2017 by Egor Semenikhin, an independent entrepreneur, and registered in Berlin, Germany. Our team consists of 12 professional experts: game designers, 2D and 3D artists, programmers, testers with cumulative experience of over 100 years. Our main goal is creating top quality games for PC, Console and Virtual Reality headsets.

K Bros Games

Kbros Games was founded in 2014 by two brothers, Nik and Nemke, and their dog Bentley, out of pure passion for joining the gaming industry. They closed down their 9 year old Ad agency and fashion retail store chain to focus solely on creating their own video games.
















VR Features
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